Developer guide Codeigniter to Laravel

Local developement instead of wamp:


Laravel uses artisan to generate controllers, create tables from models, is very useful after you learn how to use it

Where you will find stuff:

Codeigniter configuration files: application/config

Laravel config: config (extra it uses .env configuration files for storing environment credentials for dev/prod

Where you write your code:

CI: application/controller/ your logic

LA: app/http/controllers/ your logic

extending or adding authentication to a controller:

CI: application/core/My_controller.php – and aftwards extended in your controller

LA: app/Http/Middleware


CI: application/views

LA: resources/views


CI: application/models/yourmodel.php

LA: app/Yourmodel.php

url helper

CI: echo base_url(); or echo site_url();

LA: url inside blade templates:

{{URL::to(‘/’)}} or php style:


{{echo url(‘/’);}}