Lună: octombrie 2019

How to set date format in all exports Oracle SQL

In order to recognize ms excel date format when you export-it you must set the session nls_date_format according to the one set on your PC in Windows. alter session set nls_date_format = ‘mm/dd/yyyy’;

Convert diacritics to normal leters plsql

Cea mai simpla metoda este sa folosesti functia translate de mai jos Updatezi tabela cu o coloana noua cu numele fara diacritice, sau o poti folosi int-un select UPDATE table1 SET name_fara_diacritic = TRANSLATE(name, ‘Ă,ă,Â,â,Î,î,Ș,ș,Ț,ț’, ‘A,a,A,a,I,i,S,s,T,t’) , where name_fara_diacritic is null